The open air sculpture gallery is a meeting point for our visitors when at “El Raval the l’Art”. In this space we have installed sculptures from different collections by Rainer G. Shumacher: “Do you know Faust?” (2005), “The eternal schism” (2006/2008), “Minotauromachy or the falsification of the world” (2007/2010) “The alphabet of the Eoliths” (2003/2015). Some of the sculptures do not belong to any theme.

In the interior exhibition room, you can see Teresa-Marta Batalla vessels collection with the best creations made in the last twenty years. In this space we also do the annual Christmas exhibition, where we present our work and the work of other ceramic artists. In addition, every year, we offer a new edition of “Let’s set the table”, where a ceramist creates a table service of plates, cups and bowls.

Open Air Gallery
Ceramic Workshop and exhibition room