ceramic courses from Teresa-Marta Batalla


Ceramic Courses by Teresa-Marta Batalla

In this course I teach a compendium of my own techniques and practices learned from several teachers. I have been using these procedures to build my vessels in the last thirty years. My first love was the potter’s wheel but I was soon fascinated by ancestral manual techniques without any mechanical processes, such as the ’’paleteado’’ (beating clay coils with the hand or a paddle to shape them). Earlier in my career, I was drawn to the Calanda manufacturing of huge storage jars, which I had the opportunity to see the building process live.  Another technique that I use is plate expansion with textures, engravings and graffiti.

The course is mainly hands-on: We first learn to spread plates in different shapes and we later add textures by drawing graffiti on the clay. Next we make a flat piece or a plate with decoration. The next project is to build a larger jar by using two or three decorated parts. For our final piece, we build a pot using the expanded cylinder technique. Once the pieces are dry, we decorate them with oxides and slips and we glaze them with ash enamels. We will bake our pieces in a gas oven at 1260ºC, except one of the pieces which we decorate with terra sigillata and pit fire it. The last day we will open the ovens and investigate the results.

The course is € 350 with materials and firings included.

If you come from afar there is the possibility of giving you accommodation in our home or at local accommodations.





To formalize the course registration, please send an e-mail to <tm@batalla.org> with the following information:


  • Name and last name
  • Address
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  • birthdate
  • Profession
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  • Ceramic training

If you prefer pen and paper you can send the application by regular mail to:

El Raval de l’Art. Camí de l’Anglès, 1 -43529 Roquetes. Tarragona Spain