Ceramic Courses

We offer ceramic courses for the initiated and novice. Some of the courses, we offer them personally. Other courses are taught by highly qualified teachers, very knowledgeable in their field, who show you their craft.

Rainer gives the sculpture course on the human body every month of October and Teresa-Marta gives several courses on how to create your own artistic vessel. Our specialty is to help you build free-modeling sculptures with thin walls and hand-made vases with rich surface decoration.

We facilitate accommodation for our students in our home or in a nearby accommodation. Contact us about it.

Ceramic Course Teresa-Marta Batalla

Ceramic Course with Teresa-Marta Batalla

Free modeling of pots, plates and ceramic pieces. The decoration of the surface is done at the same time that we build our ceramic objects.

Sculpture Course of the Human Figure by Rainer G. Schumacher.

OCTOBER COURSE (every year)

Intensive course of free modeling sculpture of the human body with ceramic pastes.


Results Course 1013