Welcome to Raval de l’Art

Welcome to “El Raval de l’Art”, our home, a space for art, culture and learning in the south of Catalonia. In our permanent outdoor exhibition you can enjoy a large number of narrative-themed ceramic sculptures and an indoors exhibition of beautiful ceramic vessels created in our workshop. We also offer intensive courses open to all people interested in modeling with clay. Find out about our courses on this webpage or, if you are nearby, pay us a visit.



“El Raval de l’Art” is located on a rustic estate at the Ports de Beseit foothills, near the Delta del Ebre river. It is a center of art, culture and training in continuous expansion since 2006. Here, a couple of Spanish-German artists’ lives and works. We also use to offer workshops and courses. We have enough space to share the results of our work with the public. A large outdoor area is designed as an open air gallery and is used for exhibitions as well as for other cultural events. We have years of experience in international art projects and we maintain a close collaboration with national and foreign artists, with whom we also organize joint exhibitions. Our own artistic work includes unique-piece ceramics, painting and sculpture